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In The Attic, Facing East

Kerrin's filmmaking journal

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"Hi, you've reached the film blog of Kerrin. I'm most likely either in class or sleeping at the moment, but leave me a message with your screenname and IP address and I'll get back to you as soon as I feel it's necessary."

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itchy_films is the film blog for myself. I kinda figured that my flist didn't want to be bothered with most of my ideas cluttering up their pages, so I haven't posted much of anything about any projects I'm working on or writing out. Hopefully this journal can do that.

For those of you that don't know, I'm a third-year student in both Film and Photography at NSCAD University in Halifax. I'm currently enrolled in the Film 1 course until the New Year, then Film 2 until the summer, etc. I don't do anything much that's out of the box or experimental. I just like telling stories, mainly through screenplays or art direction. I don't really have any aspirations to direct, though there'll be some projects where I'm gonna have to.

I'll be posting just straight-up ideas for films, both feature-length and shorts, as well as bits of screenplay for whatever I'm working on, updates on things I'm shooting, set design ideas, lighting schematics, whatever. Basically this is a hole to shove all my filmmaking thoughts into so I can keep track of it, and so people who want to hear about it don't get their browsers filled with crap every other day.

Current Projects:
Time Out: Writer, director; post-production.
Wake: Writer; post-production.