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Nov. 29th, 2008

Princess Bride

Updates and stuff.

So I don't get to make a thesis film. It went to people with better developed ideas. All's well, though. I'm going to get a draft of the script together and start shopping it around for grants and things, maybe try to get a potential crew together to back it. I may even try for the AFF screenwriting gigs they have every year, but since this one is already in the actual scripting process it may have to go to another idea.

Anyway, I've started to write out my script for Walter, taking it slow. I'll probably work on it in Newfoundland over Christmas when I go visit my family. I want to have something ready, at least a really good first draft, ready in time for the Joy Awards next year. This means I'll need proofreaders and opinions, and I'll probably run it by my prof Sam before class starts up next semester. He won't be happy that I skipped right to scripting, but I can't work through story beats without writing them out at least in my head, so why not just put them down?

In the meantime, I'm doing this instead of the many school assignments I'm behind on. Go me!

Jul. 9th, 2008

Princess Bride

Thesis Film Outline!

Jokingly called (for now), A Little Less You've Got Mail, A Little More Simon Pegg.

Cut for paragraph-long bullet points.Collapse )


Jul. 8th, 2008

Princess Bride

So I know only one other person really reads this, but...

This is more for myself than anyone else anyway.

So I've decided on my thesis film, should it make it through the pitch. It's an alternative romantic comedy. A divorced man in his golden years places a personal ad in the paper looking for a companion. The news agency messes it up, though, and prints it as "male seeking male" rather than "male seeking female". He gets a reply and the two start exchanging notes and letters. When they arrange to meet, however, the man (Walter) finds out that the eligible bachelorette he thought he had been courting is actually a bachelor (Leslie). Through a series of coincidences, the two can't stay away from each other and decide to make a go at putting up with each others' company.

I really like the characters as they're developing so far. There's Walter, the protagonist. He's a retired professor who now runs a used bookstore. His naivite only aggravates his old fashioned habits. There's his best friend, Richard the Brit. Richard is a dick. That's both his nickname and a good description of him. He likes women. A lot. Most of his problems can be solved with the company of one woman or another, and he doesn't see why this should be different for anyone else. There's Bernie, or "Bean", another of Walter's friends. He's a little easier going, more relaxed and open-minded. Then of course we have Leslie. Leslie is flamboyantly gay with a general effeminateness about him, but he hates being stereotyped. He can't seem to settle himself into a good relationship, because the guys he becomes interested in are shallow and use him in that very stereotypical way he despises. Then there are various bad blind date characters here and there.

I really think I can make this thing come alive and get a good response out of it. It's going to need a test audience, though. But can I make it funny enough??

Jan. 14th, 2008

Princess Bride

A First-Draft Bandom Scene

Please note that the scene in which the song "Lover I Don't Have to Love" played has just ended as this one began, so you're kinda supposed to be hearing that song in your head still.

In which The Morning After is begun...Collapse )

The next scene after this would be where Christy wakes up and goes in search of Ben to talk things over, or make sure he wasn't dreaming all that, because hey, the dude was on a lot of drugs.

Jan. 8th, 2008

Princess Bride

It's All Happening!

The reference is unintentional, but there you go. Bandom is currently in the scripting process. Excerpts will appear as they come and go.

Soundtrack ideas have been adjusted to include mostly Canadian acts, especially when travelling, but Bright Eyes' "Lover I Don't Have To Love" will be specified in the script as the outtro song, as much of a No-No as it is to specify music in the screenplay.

But yeah.


This is also one of three screenplays I'm trying to get started tonight, so maybe I'll post more later on the other ideas.

Nov. 27th, 2007

Princess Bride

"Bandom" Film (It's like doing a Bowie biopic without dropping a name!)

The bandom film is the project I'm most excited about right now. It's pretty much the closest I can get to being in a band and touring without actually being in a band or touring. Maybe. Iunno. Locations.

Anyway, "Bandom" is a working title for now; it's used in the fan community to describe being a fan of a certain band.
Fandom + A Band = Bandom

Such simple math, yet so scientifically viable!
I've wanted to make a film about a touring band for awhile, or at least something about a group of musicians starting out, and this kind of encompasses both. It's very much in the vein of films like Almost Famous and even Velvet Goldmine, which are both beautifully made and dramatic and packed with gorgeous music to guide you through it. That's my intention here.

So I've wanted to get something like this on the go for a bit, and I was starting to read more and more fanfiction for bands like Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance, and there were just some stories that really stuck out and played themselves over in my head, especially stories like rosiedoes's Hedonism. Slowly this plot started developing in my mind about these two guys from a band who just happen to fall in love with each other on tour, and how they both dealt with it or came to terms with it (or didn't, as you'll read).

What I've got so far as plot goes...Collapse )

This is gonna be a film that's really heavy on the musical support. I'd like to get actors that are also musically-trained, or get musicians that have acting abilities (yes, Jason Lee and Stillwater, I'm looking at you). The bands at each venue would be real bands from that area, and the accompanying music would also be from bands in that area (as much as I'd like to use MCR's "You Know What They do to Guys Like Us in Prison" when Christy's stumbling around Cold Lake, stoned). I have in my notes that "Final cut must include Tegan and Sara's 'The Con' in running time." An all-Canadian movie with an all-Canadian soundtrack dealing with teh ghey. Hollywood's gonna hate me!

I'm really excited about this for reasons other than the soundtrack. This will be all location-shot, which means actually taking a film crew and band on the road. If the movie never works out, it'll be at least a killer companion to This Is Spinal Tap! So yeah. Taking this film cross-country as the story moves west is the only way to do it. It gives it authenticity when you're living the same way in the same conditions as the characters. It builds a lot of depth and really gives more credability to the characters and their situations.

Nov. 23rd, 2007

Princess Bride

Woo! New blog!

I don't like the way LJ lays out its site for new accounts. I want my old viewing options back! 

Anyway, this is... my new space. A place to finally shove film ideas where they can get some feedback and discussions, volunteers, help, technical advice, et cetera. I might also post little fun things where I give you a movie idea, and you all give me the soundtrack. If any of them are short and simple enough, maybe I'll even shoot them during the summer.

I'm going to start by posting all the story ideas I'm working on so far when I have time to update them and get into detail and stuff (so during Christmas Break, basically). 

Stay tuned!